Response Sets

Response Sets have been decommissioned

Response Sets have been decommissioned in December 2023. They have been replaced by Incident Workflows. Incident Workflows introduce more powerful capabilities and conditional logic on top of the basic actions that were allowed in Response Sets.

Response Sets are custom components that allow multiple pre-configured actions to be run all together at once on an incident with single click of a button. They are intended to mobilize your response effort. You can bring the correct responders on board faster and communicate with stakeholders in a second.

They can be run anytime, but they are more ideal for high stake situations when multiple tasks needs to be performed at the same time and when usually the same set of actions prove to be effective.

Response Set List

Creating Response Sets
Response Set Details

To create a service:

  1. Go to: Configurations > Response Sets > New Response Set
  2. Give the response set a name and describe what it is for. It is advisable to keep the name short but clearly indicative of what it is for.
  3. If you want to strengthen your response team acting on an incident by adding new responders, then select the responders who you woud want to be added. When the response set is run, these responders will automatically be added on the incident and get notified to come on board.
  4. If you want some specific users and teams to get incident status updates, then set them to be added as subscribers. When the response set is run, they will be added as subscribers and will get notified about any status updates that get posted for that incident going forward.
  5. You can choose to set a specific status update to get posted every time the response set is run.
  6. You can choose to set a conference bridge on the incident when this response set is run. If a conference bridge is already added on the incident, then after running the response set, it will get overridden by the new conference bridge. Only pre-configured conference bridges are allowed to be added on a response set.
  7. Click Create.
Run Response Sets

Accounts that have response sets permissions, will show "Run Response Set" as an option on the list of actions they can take on an incident. Response Sets can be run both from the web app and the mobile app. On the web app, the option is shown on the "Incident Details" page, under the "More" button.

Web Incident Details More Options

On the mobile app, the option is shown on the "Incident Details" screen more icon button.

Mobile Incident Details Options

Mobile Incident Run Response Set

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