Notification Phone Numbers

TaskCall vCard

TaskCall offers tiered notification to ensure incidents are never missed. SMS and voice calls are two of the notification mechanisms that are used for alerting. TaskCall maintains a finite number of phone numbers from which it sends SMS and makes voice calls. There can be one or more phone numbers within the list at any point in time.

To know for sure that the communication is coming from us, you can download the TaskCall vCard and store it in your smartphone. The vCard is subject to change. You must check this page periodically or look for our email communication for changes and keep the vCard updated.

Override Silent Mode

Cell phones can be configured to override the silent mode option for SMS and calls coming in for this contact. Please look for the documentation specific to your cell phone to whitelist the TaskCall contact.

Download vCard

Download the TaskCall vCard using this link:

Download TaskCall vCard

vCard last updated on: August 19, 2022

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