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Slack Integration Guide

TaskCall's Slack integration allows you to receive incident notifications directly on Slack and gives you the ability to respond to them from within Slack. Incidents can also be triggered on TaskCall from Slack using slash commands. This built-in integration helps to streamline communication and bring responders on-board even faster and gives them a platform to collaborate on.

  • The integration happens between a TaskCall service and a Slack channel.
  • TaskCall only allows verified Slack users to respond to incidents from within Slack.
  1. Log in to your TaskCall web app.
  2. Go to Configurations > Services. Select the service you want to integrate with.
  3. Once you are on the Service details page, click on the "Integrations" tab.
  4. Click on the "New Integration" button.
  5. Give the integration a name.
  6. From the integration types, select the top radio button indicating that you are trying to use a built-in integration.
  7. From the list of built-in integrations, select "Slack".
  8. Click Save.
    Slack Integration Selection
  9. You will be redirected to Slack to authorize the integration.
  10. When you are on Slack, select the Slack channel you want to integrate with and click "Allow". You will be redirected to TaskCall.
    Slack Authorization
  11. Once you are successfully redirected to TaskCall, the integration would be complete.
  12. To ensure the integration has completed successfully, check if it is listed under the "Integrations" tab.
  13. All users who want to respond to incidents from within Slack must verify their Slack accounts with their respective TaskCall accounts. If you have already verified your account for an integration on another channel, then no further verification will be needed. The verification command is:

    /taskcall verify-user {taskcall preferred username}

  • Users will be able to "Acknowledge" or "Resolve" the incidents from within Slack by interacting with buttons that will be sent with the message.
    Slack Triggered Incident
  • Users will be able to use Slack slash commands to:
    • Verify themselves /taskcall verify-user {preferred username}
    • Get their associated TaskCall preferred username /taskcall get-user
    • Dissociate their TaskCall account from Slack /taskcall remove-user
    • Manually trigger incidents on the integrated service /taskcall create-incident {incident title}
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