User Roles

TaskCall allows users in your organization to be assigned specific user roles that determine the level of access they have to resources in your account. Some users may only be required to have enough access to respond to incidents while others may also need to be able to configure resources on top of that. These permissions can easily be set through our built-in roles giving you the ability to control user actions and viewing rights at a more granular level.

The type and number of user roles an account can set depends on their subscription plan. The Business and Digital Operations plans have more user roles and advanced permissions.

Account User Roles
Limited Stakeholder Full Stakeholder Limited User User Admin Owner
Can only view their own user profile and the status dashboard
Subscribe to incidents
Can view:
∙ User Profiles
∙ Incidents
∙ Routines
∙ Escalation Policies
∙ Services
∙ Analytics
Can be added on routines and escalation policies
Create overrides for schedules that the user is on-call for
Trigger, acknowledge, reassign, and resolve incidents
∙ Routines
∙ Escalation Policies
∙ Services
∙ Teams
∙ Response Sets
Add new users
Delete users (other than the Owner)
Edit a user's profile/password
Create/delete API keys
View/edit billing information
Cannot be deleted
Change the owner
Delete the account

Stakeholders are generlly business managers who may not need to have direct access to the technical aspects of incident response and management, but will like to stay updated on incidents that affect them and the overall business performance. Both the Limited Stakeholder and Full Stakeholder roles are designed for such users. It will give them access to enough resources to stay informed about on-going incidents in the firm. Stakeholder permissions are only available on the Business and Digital Operations plans.

View User Role

Users can view their own account level role from their profile page.

Roles of all users can be viewed from Configurations > Users .

Edit User Role

Not all users are allowed to update their roles. Only admins and the owner can change user roles. If you would like your user role to be updated, then please contact your account admin. And if you are an admin, then please read our documentation on how to configure users.

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